Missing Home

I never knew that I would miss home this much; given the fact that I have been mugged twice, I never thought I would feel so lonely not being there; and to think that the moment I found out that we got approved for the visa I flew here as soon as possible without second thoughts.

Here I am now wondering how my family and friends are doing. Daydreaming about the things that we should have been doing if I was back there. Summer beach trips with the family; dinner date with friends; and the thing that annoys me every time I think about it, the street food and pinoy snacks, that you can’t even buy here.

My mom never allowed us to eat any street foods/junk foods until we were in college. So when I tried every single thing I told myself THIS IS WHAT I MISSED MY WHOLE LIFE?!. I miss eating isaw (chicken intestines) by our town church with my cousins and friends; the cheese corn right in front of Garcia’s Supermarket across the University is amazing after a stressful day in class; at the same spot there’s Burger Machine an outdoor fast food chain, oh I love their sans rival and burgers! Who wouldn’t miss the mangga at bagoong/alamang (shrimp paste) tandem?! One of my favorites! You can have it at home or you can buy it in the streets (more fun in the streets though, green mango on a stick with shrimp paste YUM!); and of course scramble reminds me of my childhood days, when I see manong iskrambol by our house I make sure to buy one. How can I forget drinking soda in a little plastic bag?! Lol. So pinoy! I am 100% sure that I will be having these when I fly back home! Last but definitely not the least, I miss having a boodle fight  with my whole family! We set up our food on banana leaves and we eat together by hand (no utensils). That, for sure, is my favorite pinoy culture. Nothing beats fun boodle fights with the family!

To sum it all up, I am just a pig who misses the food back home. Chaaaar!

ctto: google photos, wikipedia, yummy.ph, youtube, foodipino.com

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